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StrideTech Go is a technology embedded walker attachment that provides real-time haptic feedback when incorrect walker use is detected, empowering aging adults to learn and maintain correct mobility device use.

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Don't let improper walker use cause falls with StrideTech Go

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Easily attach to most walker frames. No need to buy a new walker!

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Stand taller and safer with real-time posture feedback

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Gain peace-of-mind knowing safe walking behaviors are encouraged

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Incorrect walker use can increase one's risk of falling, an unfortunate reality faced by many older adults. A large majority of these cases may have been avoided if those using a walker had better guidance and ongoing feedback of their walking habits. 

StrideTech Go easily attaches to almost any walker frame and detects when someone is using their walker incorrectly. Instant vibration and visual feedback is provided through soft handle covers. This feedback allows users to stand taller, closer to their walker frames, and decrease their likelihood of a fall. 

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When used incorrectly, walkers can shift the user’s center of gravity beyond their body's base of support. This puts the user at a greater fall risk in critical movements such as transitions from sitting to standing or during short unassisted walks, often in the household. When StrideTech Go detects forward-leaning posture, it vibrates at the handles, as a reminder to ensure a safe position within the user’s walker frame.


Marilyn, 74, Beta-tester

“It’s such a wonderful idea, and so easy to use.”