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Add some cushion to your pushin'

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StrideTech Walker Grip Covers are specifically designed for handles with a fin, most commonly seen on rolling walkers. This ergonomic feature, along with a sticky rubber underbelly, keep the covers firmly adhered to the walker's handles to minimize slipping or sliding around. 


Soft padding surrounds the walker's handles, adding a cushion under the user's palm. The added thickness spreads out the forces on the hand across a larger surface, alleviating pain. Additionally, warmth is maintained in cold weather to keep the handles from becoming cold. To clean the Grip Covers, they can easily be thrown in the washer or wiped down with disinfectant. 



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Personalize your Walker Grip Covers with fully customizable text. This is a great option to differentiate a walker with someone's name or term of endearment. 

If you are a business looking to market to older adults, your logo and branding can be added here as well. A perfect gift for potential customers! To learn more about options for businesses, click the button below.